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Sam Jay puts her unique spin on male confidence, white guys' "cries for help," Trump's Twitter tirades and the thrill of taking Uber.

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Thursday, August 25 – Sunday, August 28

Atlanta Comedy Theater

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Friday, September 23 -Saturday, September 24

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  • ‘Pause with Sam Jay’ Is Thankfully Unlike Anything Else On TV

    - 06.03.22

    Standup comic and Emmy-nominated Saturday Night Live writer Sam Jay is gifted with the ability to speak to nearly anyone about anything, a talent that's on full display in her variety talk show Pause with Sam Jay on HBO. But you won't find Jay sitting behind a desk, performing a monologue of jokes or interviewing celebrity guests. Instead she hosts a house party full of friends and family members, and over the course of a few drinks and a lot of laughter, a playful and passionate discussion emerges on a cultural topic that's usually divisive...

  • What’s It Like For Your Star to Rise During a Pandemic? Sam Jay Was Too Busy Working on Six Projects to Find Out

    by Michael Schneider - 06.01.22

    How did you spend your pandemic? Here’s how Sam Jay got through these past two years: Her Netflix special “Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning” debuted in July 2020. While continuing to work as a writer on “Saturday Night Live,” she also wrote on HBO Max’s “That Damn Michael Che,” served as a consulting producer on NBC’s “Kenan,” and then launched her own talk show, HBO’s “Pause With Sam Jay.” Still not enough? In March, Peacock debuted the comedy series “Bust Down,” which Jay co-created and stars in alongside Chris Redd, Langston Kerman and Jak Knight. With so many gigs all at once, at this year’s WGA Awards, Jay pulled off a triple nomination in the comedy/variety sketch series category for her work on “SNL,” “Michael Che” and “Pause.”...

  • All-the-Sectionality on ‘PAUSE with Sam Jay’

    ‘PAUSE with Sam Jay’ - 05.31.22

    It is queer in its subject matter. For example, Sam interviews people from the LGBTQ+ community from the white, “Subaru Gay” Communications Director of the National LGBTQ Task Force Cathy Renna and the Black “Studs 4 Studs” from Atlanta who prefer to watch straight porn. If the previous sentence contains phrases you didn’t previously know existed, congratulations: the show is doing its subtle work of educating audiences about the multitudinous nature of queer identity....

  • Sam Jay Ups the Controversial Ante For ‘Pause’ Season Two

    Pause Season Two - 05.30.22

    Last year’s debut of the HBO series Pause with Sam Jay was more than a sleek reinvention of a late-night talk show. The series produced by the titular stand-up comedian Sam Jay, alongside Insecure showrunner Prentice Penny, offered an unfiltered look into uncomfortable conversations amongst Black millennials. Sandwiched between free-flowing styled discussions were hilariously bold skits that displayed Jay’s background as a stand-up comedian and breakout comedic writer for Saturday Night Live. ...

  • Exclusive: Comedian Sam Jay talks Pause With Sam Jay Season 2

    Sam Jay Season 2 - 05.30.22

    Now playing on HBO is the second season of the Writers Guild Award-nominated late-night talk series PAUSE with Sam Jay. The eight-episode season will debut on HBO and be available to stream on HBO Max on FRIDAY, MAY 20 (11:00-11:30 p.m. ET/PT). Emmy-nominated stand-up comedian Sam Jay returns with her personal take on a variety of topics in a half-hour late-night talk series where conversations are further expanded with additional interviews, sketches, and animation....

  • “I’m an Amazing Comic Who Happens to Be Gay”: Meet Comedy’s New LGBTQ Breakouts

    The Hollywood Reporter - 06.20.19

    As a queer person of color, Jay feels a responsibility to speak for her people, all of them, if not all at once. That need to sometimes "switch" from one group to another is complicated, she says, but also familiar. "Because if you're a minority, there's just a part of your life that's called switching, period. It's how you function in the world, which is wack, but facts. But I just want to be an artist, and I'm not going to cater to anybody. Sometimes that pisses white people off, sometimes it pisses black or gay people off."...

  • Sam Jay: ‘Funniest thing that shouldn’t be funny? My mom’s funeral’

    The Guardian - 05.29.19

    At my mom’s funeral my Uncle Wayne was preaching and he kept catching the spirit; when the Holy Ghost enters your body and you have a physical reaction. It was funny because he was jumping up and down and was so enthused, but also mispronouncing my mom’s last name the entire time as he asked God to bless her....

  • Comedy at Boston Calling remains top-shelf through an Arena facelift

    Vanyaland - 05.25.19

    Before launching her set into the stratosphere with a deep dive into what she thinks about the Trump administration and the hypocrisy of society as a whole with precision and direction in her frustrations (“We’re not better than Trump. We’re a nation of Golden Corral buffets.”), the now New York-based comic expressed how she was happy to be home because “she missed the racism.”...

  • How Comedian Sam Jay Handles SNL’s ‘Predominantly White Space’

    The Daily Beast - 05.24.19

    Just six years into her career as a comedian, Jay has become one of the fastest rising stars in the comedy world. After joining Saturday Night Live as a writer in the fall of 2017, the Atlanta-born, Boston-raised comic put out her first album Donna’s Daughter and delivered a tight 15-minute banger of a set for Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup....

  • ‘SNL’ writer Sam Jay stands up for her own comedy Sunday in North Adams

    The Berkshire Eagle - 05.01.19

    In addition to "Cha Cha Slide" and "Them Trumps," which imagines what would happen if the U.S. president and his family members were black, Jay helped create "Permission," a rap song about women and consent featuring Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson, Lil Wayne and Future. Even though her material may ultimately be seen and heard by millions of people, Jay isn't nervous when she watches the show herself....

  • Best Comedy Album Nominee Patton Oswalt Picks 5 Other Grammy-Worthy Comics

    Billboard - 01.28.19

    Her journey to realizing she is a lesbian is done in this really profane and gorgeous way. It has these awesome interludes where she talks to her friend, almost like commentary on the bit that came before, and then rougher versions of the bit that’s coming. That’s how half of comedy gets done: You’re just talking to your friends, and stuff comes out of that....

  • Exclaim!’s 2018 Comedy MVPs

    Exclaim! - 01.08.19

    As music has always been a central part of her life, she didn't abandon it completely; Donna's Daughter was produced by Coach Tea and contains sporadic beats and "skit-like" interludes, mostly derived from secretly recorded conversations and field recordings, that make it sound as much like a hip-hop mixtape as it does a standup record. Even in a sparsely confessional realm like standup, Sam Jay's Donna's Daughter feels pointedly raw and direct and she is a voice on the rise....

  • The 10 Best Comedy Albums of 2018

    Vulture - 12.11.18

    This album is refreshingly unpolished and deeply personal. For Sam Jay, the laughs on Donna’s Daughter are both cathartic and much deserved....

  • Comedy Now

    UPROXX - 08.10.18

    In July, Saturday Night Live writer Sam Jay joined seven other comics for the first part of Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup, a batch of short, 15-minute sets recorded back in February at Atlanta’s Terminal West. At around the same time her debut album, Donna’s Daughter, was released by Comedy Central Records. Available as a CD and on streaming at places like Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes, the album’s content has been compared favorably to the late comedy legend Patrice O’Neal...

  • Spotlight: Sam Jay Wants Her Comedy To Share Her Story

    Comedy Hype - 08.01.18

    This past July, comedian Sam Jay out of Boston, would release her first ever comedy album, ‘Donna’s Daughter’. The project, which was released on Comedy Central Records is a milestone for the stand-up comedian we first ran across back in 2013. Since then, Sam’s hard work has paid off as she recently was featured on Netflix’s ‘Comedy Lineup’ series. Not only has she become a respected comedian amongst her peers but she also now carries ‘SNL writer’ in her credits. Comedy Hype’s Corey Allen Tate would have a brief chat with the comedian to get a better feel of where her comedy comes from...

  • Sam Jay Talks Stand-up, SNL and Taking Risks in Comedy

    Paste Magazine - 07.27.18

    Since we called Sam Jay one of our favorite comics at Just For Laughs last year, the Boston native has gotten a job writing for Saturday Night Live, released a half-hour on TV with an episode of Comedy Central Stand-up Presents, did a 15-minute micro-special as part of Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup, and put out an album through Comedy Central Records...

  • Sam Jay Is Ready to Bring Back Comedy’s Edge

    Out Magazine - 07.26.18

    Prediction: Sam Jay will go down in stand-up history alongside Margaret Cho, Wanda Sykes, and Joan Rivers. Like those trailblazers, Jay is as profane as she is wise, digging into the psychology of Nazis, ass-eaters, and Trump voters while tackling her blackness, gayness, and divorce. After a season at SNL (she co-wrote “Black Jeopardy”), she’s just released her album Donna’s Daughter and appears on the Netflix special The Comedy Lineup...

  • Watch the Best of Recent Netflix Comedy in This Order

    New York Times - 07.25.18

    Highlights include a take from the “Late Night Whenever” host, Michelle Buteau, on when it is appropriate for a man to take out his genitals; a take from the Comedy Central mainstay Jak Knight on when it is appropriate for a man to take out his genitals; and a take from the “Saturday Night Live” writer Sam Jay on when it is appropriate for a lesbian to take out a replica of a man’s genitals...

  • Variety’s 10 Comics to Watch 2018

    Variety - 07.18.18

    Jay says her goal as a standup is to “take people to the edge and talk about the things that people are uncomfortable talking about.” “For me, it’s just about being honest and going to those places that make me laugh and finding the jokes in there,” says the performer, who frequently speaks about her experiences as an out woman of color (even her Twitter name, Snatches O’Houlihan, is a lesbian-friendly pun on a character from the movie “Dodgeball”)....

  • The 10 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Netflix

    TV Guide - 07.13.18

    You probably don't know any of their names yet, but if you watch these you'll be able to say "I saw them back then" after they blow up. They all have to do that thing not-famous comedians have to do where they acknowledge what they look like at the start of their set, but pretty soon they won't have to do that anymore. You'll know what they look like. Watching these sets back-to-back is the closest you can get to a comedy club experience while parked on your couch....

  • Firebrand comedian Michelle Wolf will play at SF’s Outside Lands fest

    The Mercury News - 07.12.18

    The lineup, which is co-curated by SF Sketchfest, also features Improv Superjam featuring Special Guests, Rhys Darby, James Acaster, Naomi Ekperigin, Sam Jay, Speechless: Improvised Slideshow Presentations, Eliza Skinner, Taylor Tomlinson, JR De Guzman, Pat Regan and Emily Catalan....

  • ‘The Comedy Lineup’ On Netflix: Not The Usual Suspects

    Decider - 07.09.18

    Sam Jay explores the same premise as Tomlinson at one point – using her keys like a talon in her hand for self-defense – although Jay would rather sucker a potential rapist into biting off his manhood instead. That’s Jay in a nutshell. “I don’t even know if this the type of gay I am, but I know it keeps my rape numbers way down,” she jokes. Jay presents a riveting presence, no matter her wardrobe choices....

  • ‘The Comedy Lineup’ addresses #MeToo and social media in 15-minute bits

    The Daily Dot - 07.05.18

    SNL writer Sam Jay tracks back even further, saying white men have been “spiraling” for years. “We don’t know how to handle white guys needing something,” she says, before pointing to Jackass as a white male plea for help disguised as edgy entertainment: “They were nailing their dicks to boards, bro.”...

  • Your Handy Guide To Netflix’s Newest Most Bingeable Show

    Refinery29 - 07.03.18

    Binge the entire series — which, mind you, will grow later this year — and it will only take you two hours. This is gateway drug comedy, low commitment and easygoing. It's, for lack of a better term, summertime comedy....

  • Netflix’s ‘The Comedy Lineup’ Smartly Adapts Stand-Up For The Binge-Watching Age

    Forbes - 07.03.18

    Buteau, Jalees, Tomlinson and Knight respond to the timely happenings of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, Jay and Dillon lean into comedic tension, and Wang and Karmel play with the practice of comedy itself. There is, quite literally, something for everyone....

  • The Comedy Lineup introduces 8 of your new favorite stand-ups

    The AV/TV Club - 07.03.18

    Whenever you’re ready, Michelle Buteau, Tim Dillon, Sabrina Jalees, Sam Jay, Ian Karmel, Jak Knight, Taylor Tomlinson, and Phil Wang are waiting for you....

  • Everything Coming To Netflix In July

    Essence - 06.27.18

    A diverse group of comedians, including Michelle Buteau, Jak Knight, and Sam Jay, take the stage to deliver laughs. Laugh along with the audience when the special drops....

  • Sam Jay Announces Debut Stand-up Album, Donna’s Daughter

    Paste Magazine - 06.26.18

    Boston-born, New York-based comic and Saturday Night Live writer Sam Jay announced Tuesday that she is releasing her debut stand-up comedy album through Comedy Central Records in July. Jay also has a 15-minute Netflix special that is set to air on July 3 as part of Netflix’s The Comedy Lineup series, which follows her half-hour Comedy Central Presents set, released last year...

  • Netflix Experiment Gives Deserving Comics Their 15 Minutes

    The Columbus Dispatch - 06.10.18

    Sam Jay, a sly writer for ″Saturday Night Live″ with a propulsive delivery, ties the sexual harassment stories and the rise of Donald Trump to a larger trend: the decline of white men. ″We don’t know how to handle white guys needing something,″ she says, pointing to the stunts of ″Jackass″ as an early sign: ″That wasn’t a show. That was white dudes crying for help″...

  • Photos: The laughs continue at the second annual Clusterfest

    The Bay Bridged - 06.06.18

    A number of the biggest voices in comedy and music were at the festival, and lucky for us, our photographer Jon Bauer was there to capture this fantastic gallery below of all three days for you to check out....

  • Stand-up Sam Jay’s material is funny, smart and layered

    Now Toronto - 05.25.18

    At Comedy Bar this weekend, the frank and fearless SNL writer takes on politics, her sexual evolution and why Black men don't become serial killers...

  • SNL’s Kenan Thompson and Sam Jay want to make everyone laugh

    VICE News - 12.09.17

    Coming from a successful career in stand-up comedy, Sam’s still working on getting used to writing for other people. She’s also working on how she can introduce her own unique voice into the broader SNL tradition....

  • 20 Comedians You Should and Will Know

    Vulture - 11.14.17

    If you were to imagine what Patrice O’Neal might have been like if he were a bit less caustic (and also a gay woman), you’d come up with someone close to Sam Jay. Brash and brilliant, she’s just as unapologetic in her beliefs and deft at weaving jokes through onstage diatribes as O’Neal was, and similarly likable. Jay started doing stand-up in Boston, then had a relatively brief stint in L.A. before landing a gig as one of SNL’s newest writers....

  • New ‘SNL’ writer Sam Jay thrives on a challenge

    The Boston Globe - 10.11.17

    Sam Jay is understandably groggy when she picks up the phone. It is exactly two weeks since she found out she would be hired as a writer for the current season of “Saturday Night Live.” In that time, she has moved to New York from Los Angeles, taped an upcoming stand-up album for Comedy Central, and jumped into the whirlwind that is “SNL.”...

  • For Sam Jay, comedy isn’t just an act

    The Boston Globe - 07.17.14

    She often gets compared to former Boston comic Patrice O’Neal, who died in 2011, because she can deliver confessional or potentially offensive material with a straight face and cool demeanor, dissecting the creepy crimes of “Law & Order: SVU” or describing how her girlfriends think she’s handy because she wears pants instead of a dress....

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